Hi! I'm Nikhil Desai, a 1st class Business and Marketing graduate with a flair for digital design and development.

A bit about me!

Since the age of 15 I have enjoyed website design as a hobby; in the recent years this hobby became so advanced that I had gained many requests for work. Following these requests, I decided to capitalise on my talent... a nice sideline whilst at University! Throughout freelancing I have been fortunate enough to have the freedom of using my own initiative throughout projects, subsequently learning a lot whilst I worked. The work I had produced consisted of Website design and development, graphic design, social media marketing and marketing consulting.

"I highly recommend Nikhil to any business that is looking for a driving force within marketing and design for their business to prosper." - The Codfather.

My previous projects

My Skills and Interests


Whilst marketing had been introduced at a later stage of my life, I have become very fond of it due to the nature of how closely it ties into my web design and development hobbies. During my freelance work, marketing strategy almost comes as a second nature; producing beneficial results for clients. Marketing Strategy & Implimentation - CRM (Software and implimentation) - 1st Class Business & Marketing degree - Almost comes as a second nature within a work environment.

Design & Development

Through my hobby of design and development, I have self-taught myself HTML5 & CSS3, the Adobe Creative Suite and Print optimised graphics design.

Tech Addict!

I have always had a real passion for everything tech! I am very eager to always try out new and emerging technologies. Whilst I adore my Mac... I am fluent using both Windows and OSX based operating systems. Huge love for everything tech - Eager to try new technologies - Fluent using both Mac & Windows based operating systems (prefer mac)

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